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Tech company hiring practices over the years

posted: August 1, 2020

tl;dr: A degree has gone from essential to beneficial but not required...

Software developer education over the years

posted: July 26, 2020

tl;dr: The range of choices and paths grows as traditional higher ed retreats...

Play with the data

posted: July 18, 2020

tl;dr: Spend time playing with the data to see what unexpected insights can be gleaned from it...

The app will take your order now

posted: July 11, 2020

tl;dr: A case study of how software automates aspects of restaurant industry jobs...

Computer games from Z to A

posted: July 4, 2020

tl;dr: From Zork to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it’s mind blowing to see how far we’ve come...

Book review: The O. Henry Prize Stories 2019, ed. by Laura Furman

posted: June 30, 2020

tl;dr: A melancholy collection, befitting the times...

A good five-cent cigar

posted: June 27, 2020

tl;dr: Has there been inflation? Depends on how you measure it...

Book review: The Deficit Myth, by Stephanie Kelton

posted: June 21, 2020

tl;dr: Since we’re all MMTers now, I decided to learn more about what MMT is...

Living with the virus

posted: June 20, 2020

tl;dr: Cheap Trick foretold the U.S.A.’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic over 40 years ago...

Pandemics, pre- and post-Internet

posted: June 13, 2020

tl;dr: The Internet is lessening the impact of the pandemic but there are many problems it can’t solve...