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The growing importance of psychology in software engineering

posted: April 11, 2021

tl;dr: As computers become more integrated into human life, psychology has become a more critical aspect of software...

Aliases vs. IDs

posted: April 3, 2021

tl;dr: Especially in non-table-oriented databases, it can help to have multiple aliases for each record...

Sequential IDs vs. UUIDs

posted: March 28, 2021

tl;dr: Software developers love UUIDs, but there is often a challenge convincing users...

Distributed systems: vaccines, websites, and vaccine websites

posted: March 21, 2021

tl;dr: A widely distributed system can have the best performance and reliability, for both websites and vaccine distribution...

Timezones, DST, UTC, and database time

posted: March 14, 2021

tl;dr: The more you program computers, the more you love UTC...

A solution to the email spam scam

posted: March 7, 2021

tl;dr: Fighting back, with 80 lines of Python...

The email spam scam

posted: February 28, 2021

tl;dr: The shady companies that Warren Buffett and GEICO use to send spam...

Speeding up baseball games

posted: February 21, 2021

tl;dr: The pandemic is bringing about some positive changes to speed up the game of baseball...

Use a password manager, for your own good

posted: February 14, 2021

tl;dr: My humble attempt to convince everyone to use a password manager...

Where I go for investment knowledge

posted: February 7, 2021

tl;dr: Since I’m not an advisor myself, here’s where I turn to learn about the world of finance...